Our Process

A comprehensive suite of services enable PRG to meet each client’s specific needs. PRG has engineered a system that is customizable, scalable and more affordable than most available alternatives. Two primary elements drive our services:

1.) PRG assumes the lead with respect to settlement negotiations through a comprehensive analysis of the claim or dispute and continuous settlement dialogue. PRG’s fee structure is results based, reasonable and fair.

2.) PRG has built an extremely talented team of referring attorneys whose expertise spans multiple areas of law and jurisdictions. Each attorney in PRG’s network has agreed to perform services on pre-negotiated flat fees.



To transform the way small businesses manage their legal & finance departments by aligning budgets, goals & strategy with a predictable and manageable fee structure. We believe if small and medium sized businesses are able to manage what sometimes appears like an insurmountable challenge within a predefined budget, and know their team is capable of “going the distance”, it levels the playing field. In other words, what once might have been a potentially destructive claim or lawsuit is now manageable. PRG believes in a few basic tenants that enable us to serve clients today and establish the framework for our future objectives. Those tenants serve as a promise to our customers. They are as follows:



We will always strive to provide a value-based fee structure to our clients no matter how unpredictable or complex the assigned project may be.


Customer Service

We are always available for you. We are an extension of your management team. We want to be considered your best, most productive and most valuable employee who is 100% continuously at your service.



We will always work alongside our clients to ensure that every decision is made collectively and with the best interests of the business and its owner.



Cash-flow is the life blood of a closely held business and wasted resources is forbidden at PRG. For every project assigned to PRG and for every external vendor retained, such as legal or tax professionals, we aim to achieve optimal utility for each dollar spent. We want to be your fiduciary entrusted to maximize results and minimize costs with respect to every project assigned.


What Clients are Saying…