Corporate Restructuring & Turnaround Advisory

PRG specializes in corporate turnaround and restructuring for small businesses. Our goal is to assist owners in stabilizing their company’s finances and operations during times of often enormous stress. Through the use of new technology and a firm commitment to providing extreme value, PRG has overseen scores of successful small business turnarounds.

Typically we embark on a campaign through aggressive and continuous settlement negotiations and with the aide of our corporate business attorneys who work on flat fees, PRG can often times slow down the process, help prioritize creditors and allow the owner to concentrate 100% of their energy on sales and revitalization all for an affordable flat weekly fee.  

When the walls seem like they are closing, the last thing a business owner needs is more uncertainty. All too often professional services providers fee structures are an additional source of stress and uncertainty during extremely fragile times. PRG has re-invented the methodology by which companies regain their foothold and not lose the game simply due to the fee structures imposed by their legal and advisory teams. We are very proud of this very important attribute to our service offerings and it magnifies greatly our ability to help clients achieve their strategic objectives.    


PRG’s turnaround experience spans multiple industries, such as construction, health care, manufacturing, transportation and many more. Our experience allows us to quickly pinpoint the key issues and take immediate action on our client’s behalf. 

We aim to help small business owners navigate the restructuring process, regardless of whether they face just a few critical issues or numerous.  Sometimes, it is determined that a complete and total restructuring of the business is necessary in order to accelerate the desired outcomes.  Through the support of PRG’s network of corporate bankruptcy attorneys, we will collectively make the most optimal decisions for you both business-wise and legally.  A comprehensive restructuring process, regardless of whether it includes a formal bankruptcy filing, requires the needs for rapid decision in the face of long-term implications. These implications mush be fully understood and, often times, decided upon immediately. PRG is your trusted adviser asking the right questions, ensuring your complete understanding, and ensuring the best decisions are being made for you, your business and your family.   

We typically work to avoid a corporate bankruptcy if at all possible, however we embrace it when it’s determined to be necessary.  Filing for Chapter 11 can still be a precarious event.  The business will continue to face legal proceedings, and quite a bit of court oversight.  Utilizing an informal business debt restructuring program can prevent a court appointed trustee from effectively taking over the business.  Business debt restructurings do work and can alleviate years of accumulated financial distress.


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