Settlement Negotiations


Managing the Business of Corporate Legal

PRG’s mission is to minimize costs and maximize results for each and every claim assigned to our team. 

Two primary elements drive our successful approach to settlement negotiations: 

1.) PRG associates lead the negotiation process with a thorough analysis of the claim and continuous settlement dialogue, &

2.) PRG's extremely talented network of attorneys whose expertise span multiple areas of law and jurisdictions. 

Each attorney in our network has agreed to pre-negotiated flat fees for almost all business litigation requirements. 


The 5 Secrets to Successful Conflict Resolution 

PRG will help you assume control with respect to managing litigation and legal expenses by developing:  

1.) The tools to "valuate" the litigation in real time,

2.) The bandwidth to promote your settlement position on a continuous basis,

3.) Predictable, transparent & flat legal fees,

4.) A pre-defined budget approved by you that governs settlement activities, &

5.) A management billing structure that is extremely reasonable and fair

If your company is facing a collection or lawsuit, we can schedule a short meeting to discuss your matter(s) in detail and tailor a solution that meets your expectations.  


Claim Types Managed

Trade Vendors

Bank Loans

Cash Advances

Equipment Leases

Property Leases

Worker’s Comp Audit Premiums

Partnership Disputes

Import / Export Disputes

Monetary Judgments


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